Zenith 548/E Stapler

eur 24,00

With its irresistible whale shape, the Zenith 548 stapler is known all around the world as one of the most sought-after stationery icons. In production since 1948, it is a jewel of mechanics and aesthetics. Each piece is manually tested and has a lifetime warranty. High quality pigments are used in the varnishing making the surfaces smooth and pleasant to the touch.
A unique model that works by hand, independent from the desktop, it makes stapling anything possible.

With its classic colours and its chromed details, it is considered one of the most beautiful staplers in the world.
Being nearly indestructible it is a tool that you can easily pass from one generation to the other.


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with 1000 130/E staples.


The golden age of the stapler begins in the 30s, when offices become the heart of industrial life.
Its fame reaches Italy after the Second World War: during the economic boom the country is in full throttle and the number of white collar employees spikes. It is in this context, in 1948, that Aldo Balma designs the Zenith 548, a prodigy of good design, function and form.
In no time this stapler revolutionizes office life: in lieu of rusty pins staining the paper, the Zenith 548 shoots staples with millimetric precision, and soon becomes popular all across the globe, an icon of style and a symbol of industrial Italy.
To this day, the Zenith 548 is guaranteed for life, thanks to its undiscussed quality. After all, when choosing its name, the inventor was never in doubt: he wanted to refer the highest point the sun reaches over our heads, and to do the same with his product.