Und abends schlaf ich mit nem Lächeln ein

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Felix Sandberg’s art deals with existential philosophical questions: Love, life and one’s own existence. Typical for his photographic works is the directly given frame of interpretation. He describes in his own words, or on the basis of quotations, which statement he associates with the picture and thus gives the viewer a clear direction of thought. At the same time, he greatly appreciates the viewer’s own interpretation. His first artist book “At night I fall asleep with a smile on my face” is created in the same way. Each double page contains one theme and usually consists of a photograph that is juxtaposed with a train of thought or a short story. Sometimes a double page consists of two photographs, which together illustrate a theme.

He likes to describe the book as follows: “A book containing 163 pictures, 82 thoughts, 17 Stories and some wisdom from people I don’t now.” Somewhat more abstract however in the same way the blurb describes this statement:

A book about love and life and work and digitization and China and about me and you. About projects and money and light. About fear and beauty and the fear of the decay of beauty. About ugliness and about the beauty of ugliness. About cities and living and happiness and shit. About spirits and flying. About dreams and plans. About dogs and salmon. About the future and the now. And about nonsense and sense and perversities and forms of perversities. About pictures and cell phones and selfie sticks and prostheses. About owls and warriors and, of course, about buses. About barbed wire, cacti and leather seats. And about time. About bars and rain and about action, failure and success. About nothing and art and art dealers and also a little bit about the assistants of art dealers. Broken eggs and chicken legs are also mentioned. Promise.

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16,5 x 24 x 3 cm.


304 pages;
German and English.


Felix Sandberg says about his practice: I turn ideas into art. I don’t know where they come from.
I can only make it a reality.
I started with objects.
At the moment photographs are the carriers of my concepts.
Large format or combined as a book.