Tropical Fish Mobile

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Florence’s mobiles transform a frequently unused space through their quiet, animate presence. Her sculptures are modulated by the immediate setting – their performance alters as someone enters the room, or in response to the gentle breeze through an open window. Inherently dynamic, individual elements constantly differ in perspective and relationship to each other, producing an ever-changing sculpture that transfixes and delights observers.

​The enduring theme of balance, so central to the construction of mobiles, is echoed not only in the harmonious way Florence’s sculptures interact with the ambient space but also in their transportive effect, as observers suspend their disbelief to watch seagulls flock, mackerel swim, butterflies swarm, parrots arrive at their perch … Florence’s work provides a restorative, calming interlude from the fast pace of life, offering a space to daydream, reflect and draw breath.

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350 gsm quality paper;
Black annealed wire.


Signed, limited edition.


110 x 50 x 50 cm.


British designer and maker, Florence Logan, handcrafts bespoke and limited edition hanging mobiles.

Heavily influenced by her background in jewellery design and printmaking, she creates performing sculptures using simple materials.

​Driven by an abiding interest in the interplay of light and shadow, Florence’s artwork is characterised by an economy of line that is more suggestive than realistic. The definition of shadow, and the authenticity of movement, play equally vital roles in the theatre of her work, enabling her creations to seemingly come to life.