Sunset Cube

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The Sunset Cube bag is handcrafted in Pendular Pocket Berlin studio. Made with an eco friendly and cruelty free cellulose and latex mixture; this material is absolutely tear-resistant. Its surface is abrasion resistant and does not form lint or nodules. It is made in Germany and it is accredited by Oeko-Tex, which tests for harmful substances.
The shape is folded in a way close to origami and fixed with metallic screws and rivets. This way of construction gives to the item a plus of reinforcement and better structure.
Pattern are painted by hand, every Pendular Pocket is a unique one.

Pendular Pocket is a Berlin based accessories brand. AMODO supports local businesses and female entrepreneurship:  We are proud to be an exclusive stockists of Pendular Pocket products.


Additional information


18 x 12 x 6 cm.


Vegan leather (washable cellulose-based material).


Pattern painted by hand, which makes every item one of a kind and all different from each other;
Flat strap: 2cm wide x 125cm long;
Two metal small brooch as closure;
Lining with the same material placed with solvent free contact glue.


The items by Pendular pocket are ecologic, vegan, washable, lightweight and super resistant.
Cristina, Pendular Pocket mind (and hands), builds minimalistic structures, folding and assembling different parts. She uses metallic pieces to join the assemblages and origami techniques to add beautiful shapes to the main structures. This way of construction makes every piece even stronger and durable and guarantees a wonderful, practical and comfortable long lasting piece.