12 Skin Tones Pencils

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With our 12 Skin Tones Pencils, children are invited to draw their friends and family in the way they really look. 100% of all proceeds go to certified charitable projects aimed at fighting racism & discrimination.

Together with diversity experts and artists, we have selected 12 shades with which different skin tones can be drawn as realistically as possible. Of course, 12 color tones alone can never represent the diversity of human skin tones. However: By cleverly combining and mixing our color selection enables the drawing of a large and realistic skin tone spectrum. Recommended by artists!

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Wood from sustainably managed forests, PEFC seal certified;
Packaging made from recycled cardboard;
Soft mine for drawing and mixing colors;
High quality coloring pencils in an ergonomic hexagonal format.


100% of the profits go to GoVolunteer’s social projects.

GoVolunteer brings social projects together with people who want to help. We are committed to an open, solidary society that everyone can help shape through their own committed contribution. On GoVolunteer.com you will find a social commitment that suits you: from integration work and help for refugees to work with children and the elderly to support for democratic participation, equality, feminism, climate protection and nature conservation.