Scented Candles

eur 37,90

Dr. Horn Lab use the purest soy wax, which is produced by the process of so-called hydrogenation from soybean oil. Soybean oil itself is known to be obtained from the soybean. Thus, soy wax comes from a renewable plant raw material and is therefore vegan by nature and also 100 % biodegradable. Our scented candles are burned with a cotton wick manufactured in Germany Öko-Tex® Standard. The noble amber glass jar with lid, in which Dr. Horn Lab’s scented candles are poured, just invites to be reused after burning the candle.

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100% soy wax;
150 gr;
36/40 hours.


Dr. Horn Labs creates unique sensory experiences. In their laboratories they develop the most innovative natural home fragrances, which they use e.g., in room sprays and scented candles. Designed, produced and packaged with great passion in Berlin Mitte. From here directly to the lovers of their amazing naturally scented products all over the world.