Rise and Shine

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“We should all start to live, before we get too old, fear is stupid, so are regrets.” Marilyn Monroe

A flower vase with the inscription: WE ARE GOING TO DIE. It makes us smile when we think of the flowers that shine, but gradually wither in it. Simultaneously, the provocative statement hits us. We feel a certain rejection because it shows our own finitude as well.

Constantly, we move our big plans into the future and thus, they remain as dreams in indefinite distance.
What holds us back? All too often we act according to pre-fabricated thought patterns and our unjustified fears disable us to act. But, what we push aside too often: our life is unique. Our time is limited. We only have one life to live. Accordingly, the main message is: use your given time! Not someday. Not tomorrow. But, today! Now!

As the title RISE AND SHINE further specifies: WE ARE GOING TO DIE is not only a call to live. It is a call to act.

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Ø 18 x 20 cm.


Felix Sandberg says about his practice: I turn ideas into art. I don’t know where they come from.
I can only make it a reality.
I started with objects.
At the moment photographs are the carriers of my concepts.
Large format or combined as a book.