Palm Bowl Basket

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Our palm products are made in south of Portugal where the art of weaving palm leaves has its origins.

It has a long history and started out of the need to create bowls and baskets for the harvest and transport of agricultural products. Farmers developed this shapes and technics to make bespoke baskets each adapted to specific products like figs, or almond.

The palm used is the leaf of the midget palm, which was originally a common in the Algarve. It’s been decimated due to an insect invasion about a decade ago. However the need and the craft skills has remained so palm leaves are now imported from Morocco.

The weavers are mostly and woman and they are fewer and fewer.

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Handwoven palm leaves.


Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in Portugal, and unique.


Bohazel, is a brand by Desiree Bühler and Chris Oesterle. Their main focus is on textiles: colourful, hand-woven rugs and coverlets, hammam towels, Berlin-made pillows, and pouches made from oriental fabrics.