Pacifier Holder

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Nature-inspired, LUE’ pacifier holders come in a minimal and timeless design. They are meant to be used on a daily-base, giving a stylish twist to your kid’s clothing.

LUE’ is a Berlin based baby accessories brand. AMODO supports local businesses and female entrepreneurship:  We are proud to be exclusive stockists of LUE’ products.

The leaf is made of OEKO-TEX certified linen, filling of OEKO-TEX polyester. Chain is made of PEFC certified wooden beads. Cord is made of premium polyester. Clip is lead- and nickel-free.

The pacifier holder can be wiped off with a wet cloth. Do not soak wooden beads or metal clip in water.

The pacifier holder is not a toy: do not use it without full adult supervision and do not let your baby sleep with it. Please attach the pacifier chain to clothing only: never attach the pacifier holder to cords, ribbons, laces or loose part of clothing. Please, check the holder before every use and if damaged, discard it immediately.

Additional information


OEKO-TEX certified linen;
Filling OEKO-TEX polyester;
PEFC certified wood beads;
Clip is lead- and nickel-free.


Leaf dimensions around 10 x 6 cm;
Chain length: 21cm.


LUE’ was founded in Berlin by Federica, mother of Eugenio and Lucilla, the little ones inspiring the name and personality of the brand.

LUE’ designs and creates children’s accessories, destined to be passed down or to become precious heirlooms.

Federica mission is to offer truly durable products: simple and timeless design, always versatile and never out of fashion.

LUE’ products are exclusively made from carefully selected, high quality and only ecologically sustainable materials. LUE’ has conceived its products prioritizing both the children and the environment. LUE’ choses OEKO-TEX certified materials, wood from PEFC certified forests, and has minimized the packaging or where possible made them reusable.

LUE’ accessories bring an element of joy and sophistication to your child’s outfit, bringing personal expression to those pieces which often have a purely functional presence.

Federica wider mission is to celebrate nature. Her simple and functional designs are inspired by nature’s essence; ephemeral yet enduring. Federica hopes LUE’ products can inspire wildness, a sense of adventure, joy and calm. Federica hopes the natural qualities in a LUE’ piece can be inspiring for your child to wear.