Oro Bianco

eur 60,00

Oro Bianco is based on a line of containers and multifunctional empty pocket made in polished light golden steel and Travertine marble.
It can suit home and office needs and it’s a homage to Roman arches and colonnades.
“He found a city of bricks and left a city of marble”
This proud statement by Emperor Augustus summarized the new aspect of the city at the beginning of the Roman Empire.
Most of the Renaissance churches were clad in and decorated with Travertine marble.

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ø 10 X 3 cm.


Light golden polished sheet of steel and Travertine marble


Portego is a design brand which connects the talents of designers with the commitment of craftsmen, leading to the production of items which express profound love for Italian manufacturing excellence.

With strong links to its home region, the Veneto, with its rich cultural, artistic and historic heritage, Portego selects the best local craft manufacturers and involves them in the production of high-design products, which are contemporary yet express echoes of the past.

It is a virtuous platform, conceived by Flavia Testi and Stefano Rossi, which – by operating within a limited area – guarantees the quality of human relations between all those involved, traceability of the materials used and the sustainability of the entire production process.

Production which is at the same time exclusive and local, which does not conform to industrial product standardisation, in order to follow new and different expressive visions and languages.