Noah the Whale

eur 23,00


Wal Noah from Berlin label Gretas Schwester is a loving companion. There is a rattle hidden in his stomach that makes funny noises and brings a lot of joy to every baby.

You can wash your Wal Noah by hand at 30 degrees.


Additional information


Lenght: 24 cm.


100% organic cotton

Stuffing: 100% polyester


Gretas Schwester wakes your wanderlust, takes you to distant lands and helps you keep all the memories of your adventure.

Gretas Schwester is a young Berlin label founded by Sarah Neuendorf in 2014. Her products are inspired by children’s books and nature. Her illustrated and handcrafted products made of paper, fabric and enamel become baby books, birthday calendars, fabric raccoons, posters and mugs. For Sarah it is particularly important to work with sustainable materials as often as possible, such as recycled paper and organic cotton.