My Father’s Legs

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Sara Perovic’s mother once told her, “I fell in love with your father because of his beautiful legs.” With this small paperback photobook, Sara has created a tender, humorous study of her boyfriend’s legs, as a stand-in for her father’s, depicting them in color against various backdrops—aboard a boat, indoors, standing on a bed, or on the tennis court—isolated from the rest of his body. She laments that her father’s love of tennis kept his attentions away from her when she was a child, and a short series of full-figure portraits of him delivering a backhand shot in flipbook style concludes the volume, along with a coda from the photographer: “And now my daughter’s father has beautiful legs”.

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13 x 18 cm.


Paperback: 104 pages, 54 color, 10 duotone.


Sara Perovic’s photography is driven by her interest in perception of space, abstraction, repetitiveness and feeling of self.
Her body of work focuses on textures, depicts the invisible, and shows nature’s fragility with ethereal photos.Her latest project is a mix of concept and emotion, stretching the boundaries between conceptual art and art-as-therapy.

Sara Perovic currently works as a photographer and architect in Berlin.