Mountain Accessory Bag

eur 21,50

Everyday compact organization meets functional mountain design. These mini pouches are great additions to an every day carry kit, or as an addition to a travel, camera, or work bag.

PS: I was given one of these pockets by Marianna a few months ago, and I’ve been using it as my wallet ever since. I love it because it’s both useful and attractive. I so decided to share my excitement with our clients.

Additional information


12,5 x 8,9 cm.


210D lightweight recycled nylon.


Daisy chain front webbing;
Fully-lined pack cloth interior;
Heavy-duty YKK zipper;
Custom Topo carabiner.


Fair Wear certified production, meeting fair labor standards for the safety, health, and wellness of employees;
100% recycled nylon with high abrasion resistance, equating to a longer product lifespan;
Fabrics from certified dye mills, ensuring the chemical composition of textile products consists of healthy and safe materials.


Topo Designs, is rooted in mountain culture and outdoor living, but love exploring cities and world travel. It looks to proven classics for inspiration, yet take advantage of innovative technologies to ensure a timeless look with modern functionality. It is uncomplicated and utilitarian, but with a sense of design and style through simplicity.

Growing up in the west, Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen had always been interested in not only spending time outside, but also in the gear needed to get out. They found themselves wishing there was a company offering a lineup a bit more like the gear they grew up using—classic styling, functionality, durability and a clear connection with the brand behind the product. So in 2008, Jedd bought a sewing machine and began concepting, designing, and sewing packs in his Fort Collins basement, while Mark set out around Denver and the front range looking for resources and partners needed to build those designs. They were lucky enough to find local Colorado folks that were just getting started like them and were willing to build companies together, and worked with them to produce Topo Designs’ initial offering of products, continuing to work with them to this day.

Today, they want to produce the most durable, versatile, beautiful products that can be used around town, out on the trail and traveling the globe. They know nothing is more frustrating than being let down by your own gear, so that motivates them to make things that last. Simple, classic, well-designed products that are inspired by who we are and where we live.