Merry Families

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Celebrate diversity through play!
When Clara Gilod noticed that the families depicted in her son’s games didn’t look anything like their family, she decided to do something about it.

She illustrated Merry Families, a fun take on an old French card game classic, showing kids some of the many constellations of rainbow families: queer, multicultural, single-parent, families without kids, and family members of every ability. Some families have cats and dogs too!

This representation helps children of queer parents see other families just like theirs. And all children can develop empathy and understanding of other identities that have been largely underrepresented in games. Let’s play!

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Cards: 5,9 x 9,1 cm.


The cards and their box are made from FSC-certified paper and healthy, non-toxic inks that that are completely and harmlessly compostable at the product's eventual end of life.


Age: 4+;
From 2 to 5;
35 cards composed of 7 families. Each family consists of 5 members.

How to play:

OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME: The goal of the game is to bring together as many families as possible.

INSTRUCTIONS: A randomly selected player distributes 5 cards to all players. The remaining cards form the draw pile. The youngest player starts. They ask any player for the card they would like to have (for example: from the family of dancers, I would like the mother with the tutu). If this other player has the card, they must hand it over. If the applicant gets the desired card, they can play again. If they do not get the requested card, they take a card from the draw pile. If the drawn card is the requested card, the player can play again, otherwise the next participant plays.

Watch out! A player can only request a family card if they already have a member of that family in their hand. Once a player has completed a family, they say "Merry family!" and place it in front of them. If there are no more cards in the draw pile, players continue to play without drawing if they do not get the card they want. The game continues until no player has any cards left.

HOW TO WIN: The winner is the player who has placed the most complete families in front of them.


A French illustrator based in Berlin, Clara Gilod works mostly on children books and editorial illustrations.

She finds inspiration in nature and the streets and people of Berlin. Her work is feminist, queer and aims to capture various points of view from her surrounding world.

In her illustrations, Clara depicts a diverse and non-conformist society, one that is too often forgotten in children’s books and games.