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Born as a tribute to ancient gods and mythology, the Janus & Apollo line includes timeless, versatile objects with a strong yet warm character.

This large matchbox features our signature print of Apollo or Janus; Apollo is the Greek god of the music and poetry and Janus is the Roman god of the past and future. Made of durable paper, each side hosts a different face print. Adorned with gold foil accents, this lavish box makes the perfect gift for your favourite host or hostess.

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Ca. 60 units per box, 10 cm. long.


Wood, paper;
Gold foil stamping.


Keep away from children;
Never light against the body.


From their studio in Barcelona OCTAEVO designers explore the wonders of the Mediterranean in search of enchanting stories to inspire thoughtful design objects for contemporary living.

OCTAEVO believes in true originality, in style as a reflection of personality and that details make the difference. Each piece is made to be held close, designed to inspire and to brighten up your day to day.