Let’s Go to the Mountain Puzzle

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Let’s enjoy londji mountain, in winter we will ski, ice skate and then make snowmen before going to bed. In summer we will climb the highest peaks, go horseback riding and kayak before having a snack!
A reversible puzzle of 36 pieces. On one side we will slide down the frozen mountain in winter, on the other we will dive into the summer months.

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23 X 32 cm.


FSC paper and recycled cardboard.


Age: 3 to 8 years old;
Made in Barcelona.


Londji is not only a beautiful fishing far away land of Cameroun it is also a project born in Barcelona in 2004, that brings together the world of art, games and toys.

In Londji they design and manufacture their own toys between the offices of Barcelona and the factory located in Pla de l’Estany (Girona), respecting working conditions and generating wealth in the environment.

Londji means sustainable toys made in Europe.