Kimagure Letter Set

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Polar Bear stationery from Midori makes it a joy to stay in touch. The design is playful but the quality of the paper is quite serious working particularly well with rollerball and fountain pens. Polar bear pattern is printed on all sheets and envelopes. Two lined sheets are included, one horizontal and one vertical, to place under the polar bear patterned sheet should you wish to keep your writing perfectly aligned. Please note, envelopes are not gummed.


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Envelope: 9,5 x 15 cm.
Writing Paper: A5; 24 Sheets.


The MIDORI brand is a Japanese stationery brand that began as a producer of writing paper and envelopes in 1950. Since then, we have continued to develop a range of design-focused products that will enrich and add color to people’s daily lives. MIDORI has maintained its base in design and paper while evolving into a comprehensive manufacturer of stationery items, where our mainstay paper products that allow users to express themselves freely are now accompanied by functional writing materials that people can enjoy using with our paper items.