Key Ring

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Designed to upgrade the daily experience of reaching for your keys, our Key Ring is aesthetic and minimal, yet highly functional. Made from a single piece of brass wire, it has an easy closing mechanism meaning your keys will stay organized and kept safe. Simply twist it to open and insert or remove your keys. We know what you might be thinking – but don’t worry, despite its simple design, it holds up to 10 keys. Designed in Denmark, made in Europe.

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5 x 3,8 x 0,03 cm.




MOEBE is a small creative team involved in all processes – from sketches to choice of supplier and final product. It is a collaborative effort with a single aim of creating great design. Design that is well made, made to last and made with an eye for the people producing it and our global environment .

MOEBE approach to design is analogue – we keep our designs simple and easy to understand. This is also true of how they produce them. Creating products that are long lasting, repairable and which stay relevant for more than just a few years.

They designs are characterized by functionality and simple components. MOEBE experiments with how things are constructed, developing new details and techniques for bringing different materials together in a way that is both solid and can be easily broken down. Meaning many of their designs are made up of just a few elements.