Johanna Schaible | Es war einmal und wird noch lange sein

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Past, present, future: Johanna Schaible’s extraordinary picture book makes time directly understandable with smaller and larger pages.

Where do we come from? Who are we? And what lies ahead? This picture book takes children and adults on an impressive journey through time. It begins millions of years ago, when land formed and dinosaurs walked the earth. Leads through the past and the history of people, through the present and into the future: When are you getting up tomorrow? How are you celebrating your birthday next year? What will you discover when you grow up? What do you want for the future? An extraordinary look at what was, is and will be, which also surprises in terms of design. Awarded best unpublished picture book 2019 by 30 international jury publishers.

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20,1 X 1,2 X 26,3 cm.


56 pages;
From 5 years;


Johanna Schaible, born in Switzerland in 1984, studied design and art at the Lucerne School of Art. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2013, she has been working as an artist and illustrator in Bern. Her works, which are at the interface of illustration, art and design, have been exhibited many times. Johanna Schaible is co-founder of Kidswest, an open art studio that introduces children and young people to the world of art and culture and encourages their artistic experimentation.