Jermaine, the bear

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Jermaine was born in the Grunewald forest in Berlin. His father, a tall, handsome, American grizzly bear, went back to America shortly after his birth. Jermaine lives peacefully in the forest with his mother.

He is calm and thoughtful.

He loves to drink a good apple juice and to party with his friends. With his extraordinary sense of smell, it is he who warns them of any approaching danger.

When he’s displeased, Jermaine grumbles in all languages. In fact, since birth, he has been able to growl in fifteen different languages. Being famous for this incredible talent, children from all over the world come to visit and listen to his stories.

Today, Jermaine dreams of travelling and of one day becoming the ambassador for all the world’s teddy bears.

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40/42 cm.


75% cotton, 25% polyester;
Cotton – OEKO-TEX 100


ADADA‘s teddy bears are somewhat peculiar characters: they each have a story that makes them terribly endearing! Teddy bears have a familiar attitude with facial expressions wich makes them conforting caracters for all children.

They are companions of adventure that they will never want to part with.

The teddy bears’ design is simple, minimalist yet complex. In fact, both the story and the expression should be perceptible within its form. It’s for this reason, that the designer only uses one material, one which is always soft, that feels good, and makes the child desire to touch it. In order to translate its almost human-like expressions and attitudes, which will create a bond with the child, the teddy is made with more than 25 parts sewn together. Furthermore, there is the embroidery of the faces and paws. Their dimensions are precise and meticulously positioned to create the sought-after expressions. And because they are hand-made, each teddy is unique.

Véronique Lacaze is an interior designer and when she designs her teddies, it is within the constraint that they can be integrated in an aesthetic and lively way into both the child’s universe as well as those of the adult.