Harvest#2 Landwehrkanal 06|18

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Martina della Valle Harvest project aims to study a residual green-area and highlight species and details considered ‘minor’ creating a portrait of a very specific landscape.

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42 x 60 cm.


Photographic poster matt paper 120g;
Limited edition 1-100.


This edition is part of Martina della Valle’s ongoing project “One flower, one leaf”. The images of the project are the result of workshops held in different cities to investigate the marginal areas of contemporary urban landscape. After an introduction on the basics of Ikebana, the research unfolds in the surroundings, with a field trip to collect fragments of spontaneous vegetation (plants, branches, flowers, etc.). The part-takers are asked to focus their attention on underestimated green areas and to create the compositions to be photographed, using spontaneous vegetation and being inspired by the priciples of Ikebana.