Foolscap Notebook

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Penco’s Foolscap Notebook with superb Japanese paper in 3 sizes.

Penco’s Foolscap Notebooks are typical of high quality Japanese paper. Smooth, fountain pen friendly paper is a pleasure to write on, and the paper suffers very little showthrough and no bleed or feathering. The notebook lies open perfectly flat (with hardly any coaxing). Sewn and glue bound, not stapled.


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B5: 17,9 × 25,2 cm; 60 pages
B6: 12,3 × 17,7 cm; 30 pages
A7: 7,4 × 10,5 cm; 30 pages


Penco started with a single ballpoint pen. But they have ventured into much more than just pens. By now their nostalgic analog inspired collections encompass all kinds of stationery. Ranging from clips to clipboards, notebooks to console boxes and pencases to, well… pens.

Penco is part of the Hightide brand family. Hightide brands are known for their attention to detail, materials and great design. This can be seen throughout the entire Hightide range of casual everyday stationery.