Dopp Pack

eur 67,00

The DOPP PACK is your next favorite travel buddy: this roomy, thick cotton canvas bag will fit all the toiletries you need for an enjoyable trip.

The outer pockets are designed to keep the essentials close at hand, while its handle ensures it is easy to carry around, you can even hang it in the bathroom.
With its flexible soft-shell structure, it can find its place in any bag, so packing your travel essentials should no longer be a hassle.

PS: The TRIPPY FISH collection was silkscreen printed resulting in a huge variation in the pattern. No two products are the same, each one is unique and different!

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25 x 15 x 12 cm.


100% cotton canvas;
brass zipper;
cotton tape.


YKRA backpacks and accessoires are handcrafted with care in Hungary, from the finest quality materials, inspired by the vintage mountaineering of the 70’s.