Dare To Be Curious

eur 35,00

Dare to Be Curious is a social card game that contains 150 deep questions. It starts conversations about our life, values, fears and dreams. Playing is a bonding experience, it connects people and brings them closer.

It’s designed to be played in groups or pairs- with friends, first dates, long-time partners, or even daring strangers.

And it comes in a very aesthetic pastel box so it can sit next to your favourite coffee table book. Dare to Be Curious is the card game that you’ll want to bring to your next dinner party or date.

Additional information


Deutsch, English


7,5 x 10,5 x 8 cm.


2-6 players;
150 cards;
18+ contains adult themes.


Kindred People is a personal development company dedicated to improving relationships, founded by life coach Georgia Grainger.
Relationships give us purpose and meaning, they bring us challenge and are one of the greatest opportunities for growth. It’s my personal belief that the quality of our relationships reflects the quality of our life. And the mission of Kindred People is guided by this. I want to help people nurture more authentic and meaningful relationships (including the one with yourself) because that’s what I believe truly leads to a more fullfilling life.

Having a good relationship with yourself is essential to your happiness, your success in other relationships and the way you interact with the world. And fostering and maintaining quality relationships also helps you live longer! However, living longer is not our motivation for starting Kindred People. We want people to lead more fulfilling lives, and relationships play a significant role.