Coat Rack

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Allowing your child independence is important for their development. A coat rack just their size allows them to easily learn where to put their coats, hats, backpack or toys, which will help build their responsibility and confidence and keep their life organized. The sturdy structure features a container for more storage and can also be converted into a tent by covering it with fabric. (Fabric not included)

Allows children to hang up coats, hats, backpacks, scarfs and toys on their way in and out of the home
Has a storage container in the middle to keep small items and everyday carry
Can be used as the foundation of a fort. Just add your own fabric or bed sheets draped across to create an imagination playland.
Made with sustainable materials in Thailand

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66.4 x 60.1 x 123 cm.


With a strong desire to cultivate a sustainable world, PlanToys intentionally conducts business with careful consideration for the environment, child safety and development. This mission is implemented through the three pillars of business – also known as their “Sustainable Way” – which includes Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing and a Sustainable Mind.