Cifra 3

eur 460,00

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Designed by Gino Valle in the late 60’s, it is recognized worldwide as an icon of 20th century design, to the extent that it became part of the permanent collection of the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York and the London Science Museum.

Today Cifra 3 is the smallest direct-reading clock with the system of a roller with horizontal leaves patented in 1966.

The stylistic digit of Solari for over 50 years.


Additional information


Black, Green, Red, White


Transparent polycarbonate + PC-ABS (white, black, red or green);
Shockproof and self extinguishing.


2 alkaline batteries LR20 1,5V


Black PVC with white text;
10 mt. readable distance.


18 x Ø 9,5 cm.


Flip clocks by Solari have revolutionized the way we view time and marked the history of industrial design from the 1960s onwards.

In a global market where everything changes quickly, Solari looks to its past, to its core business, the roller flip technology perfect and unchanged for 50 years. Solari Lineadesign was born of that vision.

Today, with Solari Lineadesign, those same clocks are being brought back into production to be used in homes, offices and public areas of the world as emblems of Italian “know-how”.

Solar Lineadesign celebrates its iconic products of the past as it also projects itself into the future: the technological expertise, creative spirit and perfection of the Made in Italy label are the fundamental values for developing new projects dedicated to viewing and sharing time.