10 Minutes Aroma

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hibi 10 minute aroma started with a match factory and an incense factory on a mission: to create a new product from two Japanese crafts. The result is a collection of unique incense matchsticks that will refresh your mind and your house.

A pack of 10 Minute Aroma Cinnamon counts 8 matchsticks and a non-flammable mat. It fits easily in your hand palm and you can light your incense without the need for any lightning device.


Additional information


5,8 x 5,8 x 1,9 cm; Counts 8 incense matchsticks.


No wood; made of incense powder and washi pulp.


Includes non-flammable mat.


The hibi story starts with two traditional industries in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan; matches and incense. Before hibi was introduced in 2015, there was a 3,5 year period of trial and error where the two industries experimented and shared knowledge. Their main starting point was the idea that incense could be lit in the same way we strike a match. As Japanese incense is generally very brittle, a clever solution had to be created. A precise recipe of incense and washi pulp was developed, creating solid sticks with the exact amount of incense to have a perfect intense scent for 10 minutes. It may look like an ordinary wooden match, but it is definitely not.