Studio Roof

Romy and Ilya with their three children founded Studio Roof in Amsterdam: a reach imagination, sturdy cardboard and colours is all you need to create a fantastic world inside your own home. Quick to build, fun and sweet, Studio Roof creations are just perfect for the kids room but not only, every room deserves a tiny piece of forest, a paradise bird or a dragonfly.


Founded in 2003 by Boo and Bruno, EKOBO is a family business specialized in high quality bamboo fibre eco-composite products that are elegant, functional and with wonderful colours. Robust enough to be mistreated by a children but also stylish to be brought to the fanciest place of work.


YKRA is the brainchild of designer Balázs Lakatos, who was inspired to make a cool backpack for himself. After meeting his wife, Judit Balogh, who is coincidentally a design manager, they co-founded the brand. 

Born in the early 80’s, Balázs spent his childhood years in Yugoslavia, and was influenced by the colorful polyester fashion that was characteristic of the communist eastern bloc. Growing up in New York, and Paris, where he studied business and history, he was inspired to start a fashion brand one day.


FINE is Italian for “end”. And this is exactly what FINE does: it finally puts an end to your search for your perfect beauty product and it sets the beginning for a powerful beauty … Organic, 100% vegan, clean cosmetics without aluminium salts.

Our most effective and uncompromisingly highquality cosmetics boost your radiance and keep feeling healthy. FINE also means “great” and “beautiful” in English of course. That all is Fine in one world.

Studio Flash

Studio Flash is a small printing and graphic design studio located in Lokeren, Belgium and a real family business. Jolien and Joachim aka Mr & Mrs Flash, design, print and sell their own handmade Letterpress Greetings Cards on their old letterpress printing beast, called Heidi.


From a studio in Barcelona OCTAEVO explores the wonders of the Mediterranean in search of enchanting stories to inspire thoughtful design objects for contemporary living.

OCTAEVO believes in true originality, in style as a reflection of personality and that details make the difference. Each piece is made to be held close, designed to inspire and to brighten up your day to day.