Amodo, About Us

A-MODO comes from FA A MOD: a typical expression from Emilia Romagna, the Italian region where Marianna is from.
It literally means “behave well”. It’s used to tell a person not to get into trouble.
It is also used to describe something that was done or made properly.

Amodo is a small concept store, founded in 2015 in the heart of Berlin Mitte by Marianna and Matteo.
The idea was to create an intimate space where to offer a selection of different objects, from books to fabrics, from ceramics to toys, all made with passion, mostly by small manufacturers and independent designers, often handcrafted.

Before we decided to open a shop we used to work in the art world and this background gave us a special approach to the meaning of objects: we truly believe that objects have the power to create a better environment where you can feel better, where you can be better.
This is the reason why we think that it’s always important to know more about how a product was made, the process and the story behind it.
We truly hope to give you a nice atmosphere where you can enjoy your shopping experience also here, online.